Monday, 12 October 2015

How easy is blogging?

Today I am working at Lytton High School in Gisborne.  It is a teacher only day and I wanted to tell the teachers, during a smackdown, how easy it is to blog just using your phone.  Once you have set up the blog you can download the app Blogger or Blogpress and sign into your blog.  Anytime you want to add a post, you can using the "speech to text" function of your phone to write your message straight into the Blogger app.

I demonstrated this by talking into my phone as follows.

I'm telling you how easy it is to blog you can use the speech to text.

The photo wasn't very clear because I was not paying attention to the quality of it.  But it works, so easy!

Here is my colleague, Heather, talking at Lytton High.  I had more time to focus on taking this photo.

The upshot of this post is, try it!  You will like it

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