Thursday, 15 October 2015

Blogging focus continued....

Yesterday I attended a meeting at the University of Waikato in the Education Faculty about academic blogging.   There were a number of useful blogs spoken about that educators may wish to follow, because they look pretty interesting.  So here they are.

  1. is a blog by three "science communicators and tertiary educators" who work together to broaden discussions and share ideas with people with an interest in Science education.  Which is cool for me as as ex Science teacher.  But there are a lot of other ideas explored such as "should we stop students using laptops in lectures?"  (which, by the way, made me very scared about the way that lectures may be happening in universities.)
  2. Bioblog  is another set up by one of the talkingteaching authors, Alison Campbell for secondary biology teachers - very cool.
  3. is by Terry Locke and examines the concept of critiquing.
  4. is a collaborative blog by Drs Noeline Wright and Dianne Forbes - teacher educators at the University of Waiakato who are examining the role of digital technologies in education. It includes a blog on the recent OECD report that media jumped on with headlines "digital technologies show no noticeable improvements in learning" type headlines, and looks a lot closer at the report, focusing instead and rightly so on the importance of 21st century pedagogy when using using digital devices.  This is an issue close to my heart, one on which I have presented and one which I blogged about back in July.  There is more to come on this discussion.
  5. by Australian researcher, Dr Inger Mewburn, is to help students everywhere as they come to grips with academic rigour.
  6. Physics stop looks like another goodie award winning science educator Dr Marcus Wilson.  
In the month of the connected educator, here is an opportunity to refresh your RSS feeds and subscribe to some interesting blogs.

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