Saturday, 7 May 2016

10 things that baffle the hell out of me.

  1. Educators who have no idea of why they are teaching whatever they are teaching. If you are one of these, go and find out now before you ruin the education of your learners.
  2. Educators who think that blocking websites and apps is a good way to protect their learners from internet evils.  Educate them instead about the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. Educators who think that their technicians know the best digital options for learning.  Enough said. Worthy of a whole blog post by itself.
  4. Educators who think they are there to teach the national standards and or the achievement standards.
  5. Educators who feel pressured to buy/make gifts for their students at the end of the year, and go ahead and do so.
  6. Educators who spend their own money on classroom resources.  Stop it now.  You are making a self-perpetuating monster of low school funding.
  7. Educators who don't like students using phones in their classes because they are worried they will lose control.  Come into the 21st Century and realise what a fabulous learning resource phones are.
  8. Educators who cannot spell online despite spell check on computers (which I know is not fail-safe but least try to use it.)
  9. Educators who consider their well equipped school computer labs illustrate that their teachers are using 21st century learning.  They don't.  Integration is the answer.
  10. Educators who have no idea of good grammar and/or punctuation. (Is this really an issue anymore, am I stuck on last century ideas of what "well-educated" means?) 


  1. 11. Educators who leave the default language for all school devices on English (USA) and don't show their students how to set their tools to an appropriate personal setting, or complain when work gets submitted with US spelling.

  2. I am so with you on these, Leigh. Let's hope plenty of people read this post!!

  3. Love number 4 but after having an ERO visit last term, it is getting harder to stand against this :(

  4. I love number 4 but after having an ERO review last term, it is getting increasingly difficult to stand against it. The messaging (and measuring!) coming out is all about NS :(