Sunday, 16 August 2015

Forms - fit for purpose.

One of the most under-utilised apps of the google suite is the google form.  I blogged earlier this year on how I used a form, embedded in my appraisal site, to collect my professional development.  But the form doesn't have to be embedded in a site.
If you or your students have ipads or even phones in your class, download a QR code reader like Quickmark or QR Reader so that when you produce a QR code then the students can go straight to a form using the reader,
If your students have emails, it is easy to send a form out.  Otherwise share via a link or QR code.
A really good way to get a link or QR code is to get the Chrome extension URL shortener.    When you have made the form live, you just click on the extension and you will get a short URL or a QR code to copy and paste, then print if you need to.
Like this:

Some ways that you could use a form include:
  • Collect information from your parents, students or teachers using a form (emails, addresses, phone numbers etc) .  
  • Take orders for a fundraiser (multiple collectors can get all of the orders in one place, easily)
  • Organise your EOTC trip (eliminate the need for those long letters that get sent home)
  • Write about an image (insert the image into the form)
  • Fill in feedback for student voice on a unit of work
  • Hand in work by inserting a link into the form
  • Do teacher observations which a specific purpose in mind (or walk throughs)
  • Flip your class (add a video)
These are just a few of the myriad of ways that teachers can use forms in their daily work.
The nicest thing about forms is the way that the responses are organised into a spreadsheet.  It is an awesome way to save time and organise.  There are also a number of add ons that you can put into the response spreadsheet to help you even more.  Like the Flubaroo add on which will self-mark short answer or multichoice questions for you.
Go on, give it a go!  You will love forms.

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