Wednesday, 10 June 2015

RTC blogging as a way of gathering evidence for teaching criteria

In New Zealand, all teachers must provide evidence that they meet the registered teacher criteria every year.  There are twelve of these criteria.  The teachers council (soon to be EDUCANZ) is the registration body for NZ teachers and every three years, teachers must apply to have their teaching registration updated with the support of their principal who is charged with ensuring that the teacher is meeting the standards and signing them off.
I have shared a template and videos for creating a google site for the purpose of gathering evidence against each of the registered teacher criteria before.  This new video is about how to create a google blog (using Blogger) which reports on your "teaching as inquiry" with a view to also gathering evidence against the RTCs and Tataiako (the cultural competencies).
The idea is to write a blog (I would make it private as shown in the video and share with only your colleagues, your principal and/or professional appraiser) about your inquiry and as you write a regular "diary" of what has happened in your inquiry (with videos and photos to support), label the posts with the appropriate RTC or Tataiako or both.
This way you will build up a good body of evidence without having to rewrite your evidence against each criteria because sometimes your evidence crosses two or more of the criteria.  It is then much easier to retrieve evidence by just clicking on the label.
Good luck!


  1. Thanks Leigh, this is very helpful- something I am trying with the PRT at our school. Nicola

  2. Have you got a video about how to add groups of photos or a slide show to Blogger please.
    I found the above really easy to follow but am keen to add to it now. Thanks.

    1. I have not made that video and as I have laryngitis, the easiest way is to refer you to this YouTube It is a great way to show student work on one blog. Good luck!