Tuesday, 5 July 2016

ISTE Smackdown unconference

This session follows the smackdown format of 2 - 3 minutes talking by participants who want to share a resource.  Great things to try - depending on your purpose.
1. Moodle adaptation - Troy to make moodle look pretty
2. Google Streetview - can take your own 360 photos click on dots using the + button - must be published.  This I can use!
3. Multicultural ebooks by kids for kids.  Write Our World
4.  Formative - - upload a worksheet - feed comes in as soon as the learner touches the screen.  Looks very cool for teacher directed work.
5. Nicky Bourgeois (NZ teacher teaching in Bangkok) - connecting with  learners around the world.  Adding a creation makes the wondermeter rise.
6.  Donna Quizizz - similar to kahoot but the questions appear on their devices.  Completely free.
7.  Open source annotation brings up a side bar with annotations threaded discussions, images etc can go in the side
8.  Kahoot - good for language!
9. collaborative problem solving. - a heap of games online already made up.
10.  Voxer combines voice with text, video and photosharing
11. Pobble - Dave Winter! - a story starter must dos and can dos. creative pictures
12.  Symbaloo - digital literacy - cloud based resource to allow students to access resources - publish and available to students - good way to access work
13. Switcher studio
14. conference room - up to 8 people in a room
15.CS unplugged  Computer science field guide - for CS teachers in NZ Produced by uni of Canterbury.
16. -  digital writing for classrooms built in writing prompts. Engage , connect to similar groups,
17. Gretchen Kaizena - voice comments on google docs - helps with formative assessment - can enter rubrics as well and can give feedback via those.

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