Saturday, 7 May 2016

GAFE learnings

I have been presenting at the GAFE Edtech Summits in Auckland and Wellington over the school holiday break, leading a couple of workshops at each one.  In between my own workshops, I attended a number of other workshops and keynotes that were not only fun and full of learning, they were inspirational (and I do not use that word lightly because it is bandied around in social media so much I have almost removed it from my vocabulary as a protest.)

The main shift that I noticed was the move to more questioning -  questioning every moment in the classroom.  Is this the best learning for my students?  Why is it the best learning?  Am I prepared to take a risk to learn better ways?  Did the risk pay off?  There was also huge shift into the discussion of creativity as being the vehicle for learning.   How will creativity promote learning?   So exciting to hear these questions leading to rigorous conversations around why our learners are at school.

One of the other main themes was about change.

  • Letting go of old ways.
  • Taking risks.
  • Letting go of the trapeze.
  • Being adaptable.
  • Walking the bridge of creativity into transformative practice.
  • Living life in Beta.
I liked the things I heard.  

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