Monday, 5 October 2015


Ulearn is starting up in Auckland this week.  I made a deliberate decision to stay away this year and try to broaden other horizons.  But I have a serious case of FOMO.  (Fear of missing out.)  The blogging challenge for connected educator month arrived this morning and although I don't follow the challenges precisely, it has given me a proverbial boot up my blog.  Which is a good thing!

So today I am going to try to connect with a blogger that I admire who is attending Ulearn and hope that she will blog or tweet my FOMO malaise away.  Anne Kenneally is a regular blogger who works for CORE  Education.  She is based in Mosgiel and blogs about her work and the things that inspire her.  Her blog is found here. 

Anne is what I call a truly connected educator.  She has contacts and experience in education all over New Zealand.  Reaching out, Anne.  Can you keep me in the Ulearn loop, either through blogging or tweeting?


  1. Oh Leigh, what a glorious post to read right before I fly to Auckland. FOMO is cruel.... and we will do all in our power to make your experience of Ulearn15 as good as it can get virtually. We will be tweeting, sharing, connecting and networking.
    Thank you so much for the HUGE compliment in your post... My world is lived by "if you get, give; if you learn, teach", so I will be getting and giving, learning and teaching over this week.
    I hope that our twitterstream keeps FOMO at bay.... and indeed I will be blogging!
    And I will continue to share my latest infliction... I have #TEDXitis... I just can't stop talking about TEDX... and can't wait to share a couple more reflections....
    Anne K

  2. Ha, FOMO, love it! I too stayed away - sooooooo needed a break from work and despite being incredibly envious, I have had a great break.