Sunday, 13 September 2015

Transferring your google site into your private account.

If you have made an eportfolio in your school domain using google sites, you might need to consider transferring it into your private gmail account so if you leave the school, it won't be accidentally deleted by the school, and you can keep the eportfolio no matter what school you are at.

I recommend that you make your eportfolio in your private address to begin with, but if you haven't, then this video will explain how you can transfer it
Put simply, the first step is to make your "private self" a co-owner of your school site.  This will allow you to make a copy of it in your "private" account, making you the owner of the copy and that is the site that you should use from then on.  You should delete the original eportfolio in your school account.  If you stay in the same school you should make your school email address a co- owner of your private site account.  That way you can edit the site when signed into your school domain account.

If you transfer to a new GAFE (google apps for education) school,  you can add your new school email address as a co-owner.

Even if the school deletes the site when you leave, you will be able to restore it within 31 days from your private account.

Don't forget to delete the orginal eportfolio so that you don't get confused about which one you should be updating.


  1. Hi Leigh, this is good advice.
    Also as an individual consider which Google account you are developing your digital footprint with (Google+, Blog, sites, Google images etc) Professionally I have chosen my own Google account rather than any of the GAFE accounts I have.
    I do create content linked to the schools I work in (within their domain) especially if it includes student content e.g. images, as the school would need to access these at anytime if I leave.
    Anything I want linked to my digital footprint I have copies of in my own Google account. Another consideration for GAFE domains is to agree on and communicate procedures when staff leave. As a rule we do not delete accounts. They are archived in a sub organisation. Any staff who are leaving have an agreed cut off date for accessing their account before the password is changed. While you are able to migrate data before deleting and individual's account consider the potential impact on collaborative documents and content. Not tried this myself however according to Google Admin site pages created by a user are not deleted when an account is deleted but an administrator can remove the sites. Maybe rather than making a copy, once you have made yourself owner of the site outside the domain, remove your GAFE user as owner or altogether before leaving.
    Either way GAFE domain admins and schools definitely need to have an agreed procedure on how this is managed.

    1. Thanks, Fiona. Yes I wonder if changing the domain email permissions to edit might be a good option, too.

  2. Yes agree with that. Thinking that if it is created under your individual account rather than a GAFE account and shared with GAFE as needed issues with deletion should be minimised.

  3. Is there an easy way to change ownership of your school gmail YouTube account to your personal gmail YouTube account too?

    1. Not that I know of, Sally. I think you have to upload all your videos to your private account. Perhaps Fiona has an option?

    2. I have not tried this but I believe you can change ownership of a channel via Google+.

    3. Instructions can be found here