Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Can't remember where you saw that awesome article?

I am constantly surprised by how people lose things.  I don't mean in your home or at school.  I mean  - on the internet.  There are two really simple things you can do to help you find things you want to look at again.
1.  Get a Diigo account.

  • Install the diigo extension on your Chrome browser.  
  • Use it by clicking on the extension and adding tags (labels which identify what the article is about). 
  • Look it up later in your library using the powerful meta search (which searches your library by tag, title and content of the saved url.)
2.  Use the bookmarks bar in your Chrome browser.  
  • Hit the star to add a URL to your bookmarks
  • Organise it into folders
  • Click on the bookmark to find the page again.
I use the first option when I am bookmarking pages which are interesting or relevant to my work.  I use the second option to access the most frequently used sites for my work.  

This is what they look like:
Firstly the Diigo extension has a drop down menu which allows you to save or search in your library:- 
Diigo bookmarklet extension
With Diigo you can have a free account or a free upgrade to the premium educator account.

There are a heap of other really useful functions on Diigo, including social bookmarking (sharing your bookmarks with others and following other people who share your interests.  I encourage everyone to have a further look on Diigo tutorials on youtube and on the Diigo homepage.
Secondly bookmarking with folders on Chrome allows you to have a dropdown menu on your bookmark bar to readily access your most frquently visited sites.

I have made a quick video which shows you both bookmarking systems in brief.  Here it is, good luck and I hope you can find what you want to a lot easier from now on.

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