Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Internet charges.....continued


So I am now at the lovely Sofitel Hotel in downtown Auckland. It is very befitting my style haha.

Silence from the busy streets outside fully soundproofed and lovely.

And now I have to work that means Internet again. So onto the wireless. Ah here are my options- whaaaaaaaat two hours for $15? Or to a maximum of 100MB? Or $30 for a day to a maximum of O forget but abysmally low number of MB? Oh what a choice!
In NZ it is colloquially known as Hobson's Choice. I check this term. But its not the Hobson I know
Mr Robinson, my old primary school teacher said it related to. Governor Hobson, NZs first, who did not want to be sent to NZ but apparently Mr Robinson was wrong.
However, my sweet room service man gave me a special code to get 3 hours free Internet to a max of 50 mb.

Oh dear, so much for practicing my YouTube editing that I learned today. 50mb is not going to cut it.
So thank you Sofitel for the excellent service but really.... Another reflection of the poor low value Internet access in NZ hotels. But a lovely bed!

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Location:Gaunt Street,Auckland Central,New Zealand

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