Monday, 8 October 2012

Internet access

I am about to attend a conference in Auckland on using Google apps in education.  That is pretty exciting!  But enough of the exciting stuff.  Now down to the mundane, actually the downright annoying crappiest part of travelling in New Zealand.  I am staying at a serviced apartment nearby to the conference venue.  I have stayed here before and it is very pleasant.  This time I booked  online and checked yes for internet.  For $15 per night extra.
After travelling through the USA over the last six weeks, it was a bit of a shock to have to pay for it again...but ...this is New Zealand and ..... I guess we will catch up with the rest of the world one day....for $15 I should get pretty good broadband, huh?  WRONG!  My access voucher, supplied in the envelope when I signed in gives me 160MB of data.  160?????? What planet do these people live on?  Who uses 160 MB these days, that's like saying a meal will be provided and then giving you half a salt cracker.
Can someone please tell much do motel owners pay for internet?  Am I being unreasonable to expect a decent rate for internet charges when I go travelling in New Zealand?

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  1. OMG that is ridiculous. New Zealand is a crappy rip off country. Love the new name; 'Hynesight'. Spelling mistake: you wrote 'done to the mundane' instead of 'down'.