Thursday, 28 December 2017

Last of the Year

I have to end the year with a good cheer story.  From a photo cue on Facebook, I was reminiscing about a new immigrant, 16 year old young man visiting the DP's office (next to mine when I was AP.)  He arrived one day, just as a bouquet of flowers from my husband was arriving at my door.  He looked admiringly at them.  The (male) DP scoffed, "Waste of money, don't get into that kind of habit!"
The student smiled and agreed, and I said abruptly, "Don't listen to him.  What would he know about women?"  This went on every day for about a week, associated with great hilarity and then one day, the young man walked into my office with a handpicked bunch of flowers for me.  I told him, "You have learned a good lesson.  You will be a great success if you give flowers to the people you admire."  I am pleased to say that 10+ years later, he has gone on to become engaged to a lovely young kiwi woman.   I like to think I had a hand in his success!  And therein ends my tale.

Happy New Year!

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