Monday, 20 March 2017

Flipgrid - a very useful tool for learning.

I discovered Flipgrid recently when I was looking for tools to support oral language development.  I cannot remember where I found it, maybe just in a regular search, but this tool has been a hit for a number of teachers.  Here is the promo video that can be found on the website.
Flipgrid is a tool that allows you to ask a question on line.  You sign up for a free account and formulate your question.  Your question generates a code which your students can use to give up to 90 second answers on video, and all answers remain on that one grid.
You can allow your students to see others responses or just their own - lots of privacy features.
Image from Flipgrid website.

The video platform breaks down the barriers that shy students have when talking to others and their teachers, and allows us to observe and assess oral language that we would otherwise not be able to.
In addition, more than one person can orally answer one question which is just not possible in a class of 30 or indeed any number more than 1. Of course, you can also break down classroom walls by inviting answers from outside your class.  So this tool is really future focused.
The application can be used between learners, classes, between teachers, and opens up many possibilities of asking wider community opinion, including feedback from parents.  You can use the web interface or the app on your ipad, iphone or android phone making it ideal to use for older students as well.
You can make one grid at a time on the free version so you have to delete your old grid when you are done but for $65 (US dollars equivalent to around $NZ92) per year you can make unlimited grids and do a lot more besides.  See this comparison for the upgraded classroom version.  The free version also gives a transcription of the video response (not 100% accurate but pretty good).  You can share and embed your Flipgrids but remember that once you have deleted the flipgrid to make another that the sharing links will not work any more.
When I trialled it, 90 seconds seemed like ample time for an oral answer.  The paid version also allows you to reply to a video in a new discussion.  I think I would be very tempted to buy the full version if I were a classroom teacher.


  1. Great link and review thanks Leigh! : ) Will be sharing far and wide.

  2. Thanks for this great review Leigh! Greetings to you and your NZ colleagues from Flipgrid in Minnesota! Don't forget to checkout our Integration docs for more ideas: Feel free to let us know if you have any feedback and ideas to make Flipgrid better.