Saturday, 4 February 2017

And so you are a professional educator?

Every now and then, I come across a teacher who has no clue what their profession is about. Now while it is good to not be in a an echo chamber (refer to my blog post last September), it pains me that these people have had at least 3 years preparing for their profession, add in 2 years of advice and guidance, and on top of that, a principal who each year appraises them and attests to their professional standards and capabilities.

These teachers are paid at an equivalent rate to their peers. Their learners are dependent on their professional knowledge and expertise to grow as learners.

And while I would like to make soothing sounds and say it is alright, it is not.  Not when they don't understand that it is not their job to "fill in time" during the day.  It is not okay just to keep your learners busy, and I refuse to give them more ideas to keep their learners busy.

 So if you are a teacher who gives your learners work just to keep them occupied during the day (or night) then STOP IT! Start asking yourself, what do these learners need to be, do and know and start helping them find out how.  You have 39 weeks starting now.

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