Thursday, 19 March 2015

An update on making a digital mihi using Google Maps

Some time ago, I made a video on how to make a digital "mihi" (a greeting and introduction of yourself and where you are from).  This was useful if you wanted to embed this in a google site or in a blog.  Google Maps have changed in appearance and functionality since then so here is a bit of an update.
In a traditional mihi, you usually say, in Maori, where your mountain is, where your river is, what your name is and other information about yourself.  It is a culturally placed protocol to establish links with the people you are introducing yourself to, and you can learn more about it here.
I think it is a nice and appropriate way to introduce yourself, particularly if you go into a lot of different schools as I do, but I also think that in an educational world, a digital mihi can be used for other purposes.  For example, students can be encouraged to make a digital mihi to introduce themselves on their blog.  It is a great way to help focus on improving writing for an authentic digital audience, in a culturally responsive way.
Students love to gather images and videos about their important places, and this makes their learning much more engaging.  It is relevant to them, and they are learning new skills and how to write for an audience.
One enhancement in a digital world may be to embed a sound recording of the student speaking their mihi in a blog or site, but a video is a pretty awesome way of doing this as well and so this method is for you to check out and use as you wish.  I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Hey Leigh,

    Awesome idea. My students have recorded an audio file of their mini but this would be a great way to show students how to use you tube and to make short videos.
    Turaki Primary