Friday, 22 August 2014

Fear of Flying

Flying - one of the things I am truly scared about. Yes, I know the logic, more likely to get killed by a bolt of lightening while sitting on the loo, but logic doesn't figure with a fear.

I need to fly in my job, here, there, everywhere, and have learned to manage the fear, but the fear is still there. When I get on a plane I repeat to myself during the journey, " the worst thing that can happen is that I will die," and that gives me a certain amount of comfort. I don't like being completely out of control. Not that I am a control freak on the ground, or at least I don't think I am, I suppose no control freak actually realises that they are one.

The book, by Erica de Jong, I read a long time ago. Not likely to join the Mile High Club where I cannot bear to unlock my seat belt unless in dire need of toilet (where I am probably likely to be struck by that bolt of lightening while flying - a real double whammy!).

So I carry on. If I want to get anywhere, I know I have to control the fear. Things I have tried include

  1. Taking valium

  2. Drinking on international flights

  3. Rescue remedy

  4. Fear of flying online course

  5. Books on anxiety

  6. "Travel Calm" tablets

and each of these have helped in their own special way.  Would love to "get the cure", at least before I hop on that plane that does the MH370 trick

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