Saturday, 24 August 2013

Modern Learning Environments

Tamara's blog on modern learning environments reminded me of the struggle one teacher is having in a school where she has revamped her room to be a relaxed enjoyable space for the students - sofas, coffee tables, bean bags and the occasional desk for those who prefer it that way.  The students love it, she loves it.  The students are focused on their work, they are relaxed and enjoying it, and achieving like never before.
She has been told she has to share her room soon and she must return it to the straight rows of desks and chairs because "no other teacher will want it that way."  The students haven't been asked.  I assume their has been some consultation among the teachers.
There is a lot of talk about modern learning environments and I refer the teaching profession to Mark Osborne's report as a good place to start as there are reflective questions which will enable you to make the right decisions for your learners.
I also like Claire Amos' words in her blog about MLE's " I worry that the introduction of these physically, palpable and measurable objects will be seen as making a change for the better, when the one thing that that really needs to be "introduced" is still lacking - the teacher's belief that the student is capable of leading their own learning."
So back to the original teacher, her pedagogical change over the last 5 years has been huge.  She is a facilitator of learning.  She uses many different pedagogical approaches to suit the learning needs of her students.  Who should change?  The teacher concerned or the other teachers?  Do the other teachers believe that their students are capable of leading their own learning?

A moment of learning captured in a perfect MLE in 2012 (not in the school concerned).
Just saying........and wondering.........

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