Sunday, 7 July 2013

Eduspeak Part 2

In response to prompts from my colleagues, a little bit more on the topic of Eduspeak.  You know, those awful words that teachers use.
Nathaniel Louwrens, whose blogs can be found here  and here, has asked me about pedagogy.  Actually this is one of my favourite words.  I use it all the time and so I forget how it is not an everyday word except in the realm of education.
Pedagogy - you would expect it to be something do do with feet or children (pod or ped) and the connection is of course with children.  Pedagogy is the way you teach.  Some people think it is an art and some people think it is a science.   If you think it is an art then you are more inclined to think that it is some magical charismatic miracle of osmosis that some people have the gift of performing and some people don't.
I tend to think it is more of a science because I believe there are certain methodologies and like a good science experiment you need to know the aim, the method, record what the result is and make a conclusion based on that result and then, like any good scientist, you have to go back and do another experiment, which is designed better.  If this sounds slightly familiar, then look into the New Zealand Curriculum on page 35  at "Teaching As Inquiry."
The difference between those who have the "gift" and those who don't is often just a lack of experience, but sometimes those who seem to be able to teach effortlessly from the beginning, are those who carry out a good experiment from the first time.  And then build on their skills.
So if you are one of those who hasn't been able to make a go of teaching, go ahead, try another experiment, but don't expect improvements unless you change the recipe.
Watch out for my next Eduspeak blog, coming soon, courtesy of late night musings.

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