Thursday, 13 June 2013

Awesome students

How awesome to be shown and escorted around this school by one of its leaders, this lovely young lady,

having conversations about the learning going on in every class at Pukehamoamoa School. The school has started its iPad journey this year, rolling out 80 ipads to all students from year 3 up, and the learning has been transformed!

Another awesome young man is the tech help, assisting the principal with all sorts of on the spot remedies.

Today he was cleaning up jumbles of wires and sorting out who was going to be his successor next year. I didn't need the principal standing next to me to point out the awesome learning going on in every class-

I was treated to feedback from many students throughout the morning on the learning they had done, from Van Gogh interviews on Puppet Pals to Skype interviews with an author, to buddy classes in Australia, using maths apps like Wings and Bingo and Coop fractions to the perennial favourites like Book Creator and GarageBand, iMovie and the like.

These students are so creative and so enjoying their education with the new tools. Alongside books sit very comfortably, and evidence of learning is posted up on the school blogs.
Thank you, Pukehamoamoa and Brendon. I guess the old adage is very true here. Behind every awesome student there is an awesome teacher.

Watch out secondary schools, these talented students are coming your way next year. I hope you are ready for them.
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  1. I just love it when you walk into a classroom and the learning is immediately apparent, it permeates evey aspect of the classroom. Big thumbs up to Pukehamoamoa.