Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A day in the life of a deputy principal.

Often wondered if I could remember what I did all day. It all goes by in such a blur it is hard to recall the seemingly thousand things I do in a day.
So here's a go at an outline of it.
Started at 7 am as usual.
Filled my diary with the work for the day and checked emails.
Caught up with the office lady to see what else had to be done for prizegiving, gave her instructions on what to do about the book prizes.
Put letters composed on previous day in the main office to be sent home.
Touched base with the groundsman/ caretaker to check if all was well.
Prepared the day's programme for discussion on the senior prize giving.
Prepared the lesson for my class on the Smartboard software.
Wrote up the whiteboard in the staff room with the day's instructions.
Talked to the ap about other arrangements for the prizegiving meeting after school
8.00am Went to senior management meeting for 20 minutes to make arrangements for the day.
Went to staff meeting and gave instructions for the day.
Back to the office and saw students about doing items for prizegiving. Took details and arranged for the programme to be rewritten.Made arrangements about revision classes with students.
9 am Proof read the prizegiving list for the AP and advised which bits needed to be changed. Also advised about the book awards. Started reading documentation about the impending CAPNA process. Checked out spreadsheets required and printed out class sizes for 2013. Wrote down possible combinations of different levels of classes to try to reduce teaching hours.
Met with the LSM and a colleague about the CAPNA process, printed and shared resources and discussed timelines and possible outcomes. Made arrangements to meet again.
Went to class to organise computer and assessments which needed to be marked.
11am started class and talked with students about their results and checked their number of credits online. Marked assessments, rolls and helped students which their work. Went to the computer room with the students so they could study using the online resources on Moodle. Marked two more assessments. Arranged for the bell to go so singing practice could begin.
12.15am saw an angry student from another class in the corridor and listened to his bad language ranting, but got him down to the main office to wait until music practice was over. Told him to think about his bad language and whether that would help him get his phone back from the teacher.
Left him at the office and went to music practice in the hall, held interwhanau competition between the four Whanau to find which group would be the best singers of the school song so that we could get a bit better in rehearsal. Fielded a staff member's rant about how he didn't think the students allowed out first should have been because of the way they sung the song. Went back to office and talked to AP about student consequence for poor behaviour.
1pm went to the staff room to eat my sandwich and then returned to my office with coffee.
Was given ICT committee minutes to check over. Did so.
Was given a copy of the school magazine to proof read. Answered messages on Kamar requesting information. Read more on the CAPNA documents from PPTA. Proof read magazine. Advised AP on procedures for after school meeting.
3.20pm went to after school meeting, ran the meeting to find prize winners for major prizes.
4.30pm returned to office to finish proof reading magazine. Left office for 15 minutes to support upset colleague. Proof reading finished at 6.40pm.
7.00 Packed up and went home to have dinner.
8.00 pm Answered email from colleagues regarding curriculum design in the school.
Think I might have a drink now and then gather strength to get through next day.
Sorry I missed out a fair bit but hard to write it all up.

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